The Author

The Author: Ivy Turow

I could tell you how I lay awake one night, feeling as if my life was never going to get anywhere and how I may as well just spare myself decades of additional disappointment by throwing myself in front of a bus.

I could tell you how I planned to maximize the economic benefits that might result from my untimely death so that my loved ones would benefit.

I could tell you how milking the system to the best of my ability, just this once, would represent a metaphorical middle finger to the world order in which I was unable to thrive.

I could even tell you how I planned to have the actual conversation in this book with my unsuspecting best friend, who would certainly have been capable of having it.

But not only would all this be untrue. It would also reduce the overall messages I am trying to convey.

Because this is not a personal story. It is a story that could belong to many people I know. I am just the storyteller.

Ivy Turow is not my real name. I have chosen anonymity for three reasons:

  1. As far as I’m concerned, I am just a member of the 99%. Just like the heroine in the book, I am a highly educated, decent person who has learned the hard way that I simply don’t have sharp enough teeth to flourish in today’s corporate society. The thing is, I don’t think I’m alone in this predicament. This book is for all of those who find themselves in the same boat. A poster girl is not what’s needed here. What’s required is a sense of togetherness. Change can only happen by means of critical mass.
  2. It shouldn’t matter who I am and what I look like. Sadly, women’s achievements are often considered less important than their appearance. If I were deemed good-looking I would get questions about my beauty regime. If not, I would be brushed aside because I could not be used to sell products. I don’t even want to engage in that level of debate. Nobody should care about what I look like, what brands I use and who I go out with. The era of tittytainment and mindless consumerism is drawing to a close. It’s time to take back the media from its unconstructive focus on personal issues and on to things that really matter. I have written this book to promote a much needed discussion about our reigning values and the system we implicitly choose to live in by not fighting back. People should judge the book and not the person who wrote it.
  3. Every human has flaws and finding them is the easiest thing in the world. I will not allow mine to stand in the way of the messages in my book. Too often individuals are trashed as a means to get people to devalue their message. I will not oblige in that regard. If power honchos dislike what I have written, let them prove me wrong with relevant arguments. And not by pointing out that I am ugly/beautiful/prudish/loose/whatever else may fit as a take-down weapon when someone’s arguments are relevant and accurate. If, despite all my precautions, I am “outed” and skewered in the media, you will know that I hit a nerve! 

It is my sincere wish to remain anonymous and I have done a great deal to make this happen. I hope the voice of this book is enough and that it will resonate with you.